Landscape Services
A well-designed and well-maintained landscape can add as much as 40 percent to a property's value according to real estate appraisers.
East Coast Irrigation and Landscaping Inc. provides services in excavation, landscape design and implementation, hydro-seeding and brickwork. We have a wide variety of landscape equipment and vehicles to insure the right tool for any job.

A home or business landscape design contributes enormously to the overall appearance. When done well, landscaping complements and enhances the architectural style and is a permanent capital improvement adding not only aesthetics, but also value to the property.
Professional, skilled landscape designers understand how to select and position softscapes (plant materials) and integrate hardscapes (paved areas, fences, walkways, walls, etc.) into a beautiful and functional whole.
A good landscape design makes access to the various parts of your outdoor living spaces easy and actually increases living space by creating private places for relaxing. Foot traffic can be made to flow effectively by locating and creating walkways for routes most commonly traveled.

Landscaping also improves both the indoor and outdoor climate by moderating sun and wind. Tree screens can be planted to block noise and unsightly views. Deciduous trees can be positioned to shade and cool in summer but allow warming sun in winter Evergreens can slow winter winds and lower heating costs Other plants can be positioned to block dust and dirt from entering your home or business.
East Coast Irrigation and Landscaping Inc. has skilled professionals that will help you choose the right plant materials and design a landscape that best complements and enhances the architectural style and layout of your home or business.
After all, what others see on the outside reflects on those inside and makes a very definitive statement as to who you are and how you live.